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"This was my first experience of playing abroad, and I travelled across the world to Australia. They helped me with finding the club initially and then with visas and information of the area. They worked closely with the club to get me the best possible deal and opportunities.
I picked up an injury during my time out in Australia, and they were supportive the whole time. All I had to do was step on a plane and enjoy my experience to the fullest"

- Ben, Loughborough University

Our personalised services for you

Local club connections

All signed on clients will receive multiple options of different clubs in the area they wish to play. This will include the league they compete in, history of the club, and information on how the club can assist you, if at all possible.

Great accomodation

Following on from the initial club connection, we will provide the individual with numerous options for accommodation. This selection will be made from previous experiences of customers who have had a positive experience.

Awesome jobs

Following our personalised conversation we will find appropriate jobs for you in the right area that interest you and benefit you in the long run, rather than just keep you 'ticking over' in the time you are abroad.

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