Tasmania Experience


Following on from my second year of study from Loughborough University I really wanted to fill the void that long university summers provide. I decided to do some research and found World Stage Sport. I had an in-depth conversation with them and following the conversation realised I wanted to go to Australia for the summer to play a good level of sport and see as much of Australia as possible. World Stage Sport provided me with three clubs, which matched the standard of sport that I was accustomed to in England with contrasting regions, league
specifics, training nights.

Following these options I decided to choose Hobart, Tasmania. It wasn’t your classic Australian experience but I wanted to do something different and not just see the usual sites. I wanted to experience ‘real life’ Australia. In this instance, the club in Tasmania already had various options for accommodation therefore World Stage Sports worked closely with the club and me to select the best accommodation possible. Once settled in, I managed to use advice from World Stage Sports on the local area from the information pack that was provided for me. Within no-time I found a very popular restaurant in the area that was recommended to me called ‘Burger Haus’. We became best of friends every weekend. During my time in Tasmania I travelled around the Island and saw the famous sites such as Mt. Wellington of which we climbed to the top and visited Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary where we achieved everyone’s animal dreams and fed Kangaroos.

One thing that incredibly impressed me was that one weekend I decided to fly to Melbourne for a long weekend with some teammates I made in Hobart. I emailed World Stage Sport and see if they could advise me on accommodation and on the area. For free of charge they found me accommodations to stay in, overlooking Melbourne Harbour and moments from the MGC. You honestly could have not asked for a nicer location.

In Melbourne we went to the MGC and watched an AFL game between Brisbane Lions vs Melbourne Rebels. Whilst making way to the ground I also caught a glimpse of the Manchester City Football Team who were on their pre season duty.

Personally, I managed to get the autograph of Vincent Kompany. During the last month of my stay in Tasmania, I unfortunately tore my ACL which for a keen sportsman or in fact anyone is a disaster. World Stage Sports helped me with flights on the way home and helped me rearrange my flights to come home a week earlier than planned and as I couldn’t bring my entire luggage homeat once, arranged for some of it to be delivered back to England separately.

Due to the opportunity being so stress free and simple, I was able to enjoy the whole aspect knowing that I had know worries and that World Stage Sports were in the background knowing they would assist me if I ran into any issues. From one very happy client.

Ben, Loughborough University


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