Valencia Experience

I spent a year in Valencia, Spain as part of a year studying abroad. I studied at the University of Valencia. I am a keen hockey player and was looking to find somewhere to play while I was out there, so I did some research and found one of the local clubs. When I got there I turned up to the first session and although the team were welcoming and of a good standard, it was very difficult due to the language barrier. I then found out about World Stage Sport and got in contact with them seeing whether they could help me. After a few conversations they had already been in contact with a club who had recently just appointed an English speaking coach and a few other English speaking players, which is perfect for someone who isn’t fluent in Spanish. I was told when and where my first training session would be and when I arrived I was welcomed immediately.

After meeting the players and getting friendly, they acted as my tour guide and showed me the wonderful sites Valencia has to offer, including the science and arts centre and the Turia Gardens. I indulged myself in the Spanish culture, eating paella and my new personal favourite, the afternoon siesta.

Due to having some weekends off as fixtures were not scheduled, I was able to travel to other parts of Spain and saw places like Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. I was also very lucky while I was in Barcelona to attend the EHL and watch some top quality hockey.

I thoroughly enjoyed my whole time playing in Spain and made life long friends in the process. Would recommend to anyone looking to play sport abroad.

Ross, Nottingham Trent University


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