WSS Update 29/11/16

World Stage Sport opens the door for young people to experience the world through sport

World Stage Sport is a sports travel consultancy company allowing individuals who are keen on sport to have the opportunity to play sport abroad. The company avoids the elitist stigma that is associated with having the chance to play in a foreign environment and allows people of all abilities to see the world through sport. The company hinges on the experience of its staff that have played many sports in many countries to make this process accessible and simple. World Stage Sport has recently conducted a survey into the most common reasons for people not taking up the prospect of seeing the world through sport.

Alarming results from the survey

The most common reason for people choosing not to take up an opportunity of playing sport abroad is down to ‘self confidence’- people believing they are not good enough to make it happen. An alarming 38% of people gave this as their main reason.  The second highest answer was ‘lack of knowledge’ with 24% of individuals not knowing where to begin the process. This became more evident when the individual is not involved in elite circles or higher end of sport and therefore are not aware of the options open to them.  This, therefore reinforces the need for World Stage Sport to promote, advise and increase its accessibility for all.

World Stage Sport, formed in 2016 is keen to eradicate these common fears above to create a seamless transition of keen sportsman and women both abroad and domestically. Lately, the company has held meetings with the Independent Schools Association (ISA) into finding the best way to enter into schools across the country.  The company is fast learning and working hard to develop connections and opportunities with as many sports as possible, further expanding and underlying its wide appeal and reach.

Lewis Davies, Co-Founder of World Stage Sport added, “Whilst we have just started the company we have had a vast amount of interest in a wide range of sports”. Recently we had placed an individual  playing hockey in Valencia. We used this example to test against our framework in place and came up with incredibly positive results”

World Stage Sport opens new multi-sport facility

World Stage Sport was invited to open a new multi-sport astro- turf facility at the John Warner School, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire last month. The new pitch allows pupils of the school to participate in various sports such as cricket, hockey, tennis, archery, football with students on the day having the opportunity to both try new sports and receive coaching from specialist sports coaches to further their progress in their current sport. This accessibility and mass participation element as well as catering for the elite end of sport falls right into line with World Stage Sport’s aim and objectives, therefore the opportunity is something that we were more than delighted to attend and assist.


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