Our story

We are a recently established company and we want to expand on the experiences we have had and allow others to discover the same.

Individuals constantly shy away from playing sport abroad as there is a serious amount of research to be done and admin to be completed before any action can take place.

Alongside the above, the worry of having to find a club, job, accommodation and all the necessities that are taken for granted in your home country all deter people from making the move.

We aim to remove all the hassle and worry that goes alongside the travelling to create a wholly incredible experience.

Who we are

We're sport enthusiasts who have developed a passion for sport and travelling. Between us, we have travelled different continents, through international and professional sporting ventures.

What we do

  • Focus on the individual
  • Tailor your needs
  • Understand the demands of sport
  • At first hand have balanced the demands of sport, travel and social experiences

We can provide

  • A stress-free process that minimises time spent worrying and maximises your enjoyment
  • Up-to-date information on global sporting opportunities
  • A professional personalised service

What you'll achieve

  • Worry-free once in a lifetime experiences
  • Maximal Sport development
  • Reaching your individual potential
  • Testing yourself on the world stage
  • Developed life skills in different environments

What makes us different

We have dealt with these situations in the current economic and political climate and still regularly compete in high level sport.

We are a young, current company that want to see people enjoy the world through sport. Our hassle free process maximises enjoyment and opportunities, while the less exciting administration that can hinder your sporting adventure will disappear.

Meet the team

Find out more about the people that help you explore the world through sport.

Lewis Davies, Co-Founder

I have always been a keen sportsman, taking interest in any sport that was available to me. As most young boys, I started as a very enthusiastic footballer and played many years at a good level. Whilst playing football, I played representative cricket and hockey, and competed for my school in various other sports. I slowly moved away from football due to the difficulty of making it as a professional and I finally decided to commit to hockey where I found most success.

Playing this variety of sports has allowed me to meet and become close with so many people from different backgrounds and experiences, and allowed me to develop contacts and friends because of it. 

I have played in many different countries with my hockey and have had some of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have learnt that there is no better way to see an area of the world than to indulge in its culture, living as a local rather than a tourist. This is exactly the reason behind World Stage Sport, giving others the same life-changing opportunities I have had.

Sam Spencer, Co-Founder

From a young age a sporting culture was thrusted upon me. My father was a seriously good sportsman who played Cricket and Badminton to County level. My mother is also an incredibly good Netballer who competed at a very high level for many years. With this kind of sporting pedigree behind me it would have been a huge mistake not to get involved with sport. Primarily because our family relationship would have suffered if I did not play sport as that is all we talk about. Secondly, it would have been rude if i did not use these incredible sporting genes that i have been fortunate enough to inherit.

Personally, as a junior i have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to play County Cricket and County Badminton whilst playing  a lot of football unfortunately not to the standard I would have wanted. However, my real love is hockey. I have played Junior International hockey which led me to Loughborough University and further to that I have been lucky to travel all around the world with it. Hockey is still a passion of mine of which I am still involved internationally and hope to remain so.

I am involved in a lot of sports coaching and public speaking and love to see people reach their dreams through Sport and World Stage Sport is an extension of this combined with an opportunity to see the World.

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