WSS Update 29/11/16

World Stage Sport opens the door for young people to experience the world through sport World Stage Sport is a sports travel consultancy company allowing individuals who are keen on sport to have the opportunity to play sport abroad. The company avoids the elitist stigma that is associated with having the chance to play in…

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Valencia Experience

I spent a year in Valencia, Spain as part of a year studying abroad. I studied at the University of Valencia. I am a keen hockey player and was looking to find somewhere to play while I was out there, so I did some research and found one of the local clubs. When I got…

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Tasmania Experience


Following on from my second year of study from Loughborough University I really wanted to fill the void that long university summers provide. I decided to do some research and found World Stage Sport. I had an in-depth conversation with them and following the conversation realised I wanted to go to Australia for the summer…

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