Our personalised service for you

Our personal approach means all your wishes, wants and necessities are taken into consideration during the organisation of your time away.

We're able to connect you with local clubs

All signed on clients will receive multiple options of different clubs in the area they wish to play. This will include the league they compete in, history of the club, and information on how the club can assist you, if at all possible.

We have already had customers travel to Australasia and Europe, having the information to make the best decision before they have even reached the airport.

We find the best accommodation for you

Following on from the initial club connection, we will provide the individual with numerous options for accommodation. This selection will be made from previous experiences of customers who have had a positive experience. In conjunction with that we at World Stage sports will also use our previous experiences to share the best light on accommodation.

Knowing the area is a key factor in helping you enjoy your time, Knowing where the transport links are, distance from club and work, closest cities and key sightseeing landmarks will all be taken into consideration giving you the best possible set-up.

We can also help you find work

This process will find numerous vacancies that you as a World Stage Sport customer can apply for. Following our personalised conversation we will find appropriate jobs for you in the right area that interest you and benefit you in the long run, rather than just keep you 'ticking over' in the time you are abroad.

Having the opportunity to work abroad in a different culture can be seen as a serious life skill. Working with people from different backgrounds and upbringing can only do wonders for your future job prospects, alongside looking incredibly attractive on your CV.

Here at World Stage Sports, we have experienced this at first hand not only for the reasons above but it has also allowed us to develop life long friends and contacts that can be used to in the future if needed to work abroad again.

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